Beijing Capital Airport

As "China's first national gate", Capital International Airport is China's busiest international airport and China's most important foreign image window. It is the first aviation hub in Asia and the second largest aviation hub in the world. 111 cities in 54 countries and regions are open to international navigation, and 133 cities are open to domestic navigation, with an annual take-off and landing of 637000 sorties, a passenger throughput of 120 million person times, covering 40 million overseas passengers and 40-50 million shuttle passengers, affecting nearly 170 million passenger groups. Most of the passengers entering and leaving the capital airport are middle and high-end business and government officials, who pay high attention to the airport media. These people are the mainstream of society and the main consumers of high-end tourism. They have played a role in China's economic development. The economy is very independent, with clear consumption preferences, modern consumption ideas and value needs.

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Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is one of the three major international hub airports in China, and one of the busiest airports in Asia and even the world. The aviation population of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is mainly the backbone of society, with the basic characteristics of high education and high position. This part of the audience is the main consumers of social economy. They are young, energetic and have a high perception of new things. From the perspective of the airport audience, most of the passengers entering and leaving the airport are high-end groups such as technical experts, enterprise executives and government staff. These groups have high perception and strong consumption ability. Due to the long stay time in and out of the airport, handling various formalities and waiting for transfer, it provides space and ideal place for the launch of high-end brands.

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Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport is one of China's three major gateway composite hubs. It is an international regular flight airport, a class I open air port and an alternate airport for international flights. Every year, a large number of domestic and foreign tourists come to Shanghai through Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport or transfer here to travel elsewhere. Among the tourists, the proportion of highly educated and high positions is high, and the consumption ability is strong. Among them, high-income accounts for 44% of the total customer group, tourism is the first destination, accounting for 48%, and young people, especially those aged 21-30, account for 46% of the total customer group. It is an excellent place for tourism advertising.

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