Friendship and Cooperation -- South Sudan ambassador to China visits China United Airlines Headquarters in Beijing

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On July 22, 2021, AmB. Monday Kumba, Ambassador of South Sudan to China, visited the Headquarters of China United Airlines Travel Service in Beijing. Wang Jiaying, general manager and Guo Quantong, assistant general manager of Beijing China United Air Travel Service co., LTD., accompanied the visit to understand the company's development and scale in detail. After the visit, the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on mutual benefit, business cooperation, cultural communication and other fields in the spirit of the National Strategy of the Belt and Road Initiative.
Ms. Wang Jiaying, General Manager of China United Airlines Travel service co., LTD., warmly welcomed her. From economic globalization and in-depth cooperation between countries to making culture and tourism a strategic guide to drive the development of world-class industrial chains, the two sides have reached a number of consensus on the vision of cooperation space and specific measures, laying a solid foundation for further extensive cooperation and project implementation.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the founding of South Sudan and the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and South Sudan. The friendship between China and South Africa goes back to ancient times. As early as in the 1970s, China sent medical teams and agricultural experts to southern Sudan to help local people improve their agriculture and medical conditions. Since the establishment of the autonomous Government of Southern Sudan, Friendly exchanges at all levels between China and Southern Sudan have been strengthened and bilateral cooperation has been increasing. Over the past 10 years, China and South Sudan have made remarkable progress in economic and trade cooperation.


Mr. Ambassador Hopes to build Bridges for mutually beneficial cooperation and push the friendship between the two peoples into a long-term future through the platform of China United Airlines Travel Service. "Amity between the people holds the key to state-to-state relations. Frequent exchanges between the people are essential, which will provide us with good space to develop tourism and trade." Cultural and tourism cooperation is a new growth point. Through the high-end international vision and window of China United Air Travel, the annual audience of nearly 450 million customers, to enhance the strategic depth of south Sudan investment environment, promote more foreign capital injection, the depth of cooperation between countries and development, culture, tourism, economic and trade and other related industries to help the great development of extraordinary. At the same time, it will make the world understand South Sudan, open the Chinese and international markets, enhance the national brand value, influence the decision-making group, the wealth group, the fashion group, and have far-reaching significance.

Ambassador Kumba has a strong interest in Chinese traditional culture. He visited the chess studio and witnessed the painting process of the famous art educators Deng Lianghua and Zhao Junzhen. The profound and broad artistic background and the unique artistic style of the famous art educators deng Lianghua and Zhao Junzhen impressed the ambassador.

During the meeting, Ms. Wang Jiaying, general Manager of China United Airlines Travel Service co., LTD., gave an in-depth and detailed introduction and exchange on the company's achievements in publicity, marketing and innovation. Ambassador AmB. Monday Kumba thanked the China United Airlines Travel Service team for their warm reception, highly appreciated the achievements made by China United Airlines Travel Service in the process of innovation and development, and was full of hope for future cooperation.

微信图片_20220118101821.jpgMs. Wang Jiaying thanked Mr. Amb.Monday Kumba for his recognition and affirmation of the company. She said that China United Airlines Travel service, as an international platform, disseminates through high-end channels, and hopes to create a cultural exchange platform through Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou airport media, so that more people can know the national characteristic products and cultural tourism resources of South Sudan. Achieve a win-win situation in culture and economy. Ms. Wang Jiaying believes that China is the largest tourism market in the world, and China United Airlines Travel has gained a solid market base and user reputation through years of hard work. At present, there are a lot of cooperation in urban scenic spots at home and abroad, which can build a stable bridge for the communication between the people and economic development of the two countries.

Ambassador AmB. Monday Kumba was very satisfied with the visit, and said together with Ms. Wang Jiaying that the visit laid a solid foundation for cultural and tourism exchanges between China and South Africa, and created good and powerful conditions for the global brand extension of South Sudan's cultural and tourism resources and products.

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