Sri Lankan ambassador to China visited to discuss cooperation with China United Airlines Travel Service

Date:2022-01-18 10:59:35 Views:297

On June 21, 2021, Palita Kohona, Sri Lanka's Ambassador to China, and her delegation visited the Beijing headquarters of China United Airlines Travel Service. Wang Jiaying, chairman of Beijing China United Airlines Travel Service co., LTD., Guo Quantong, assistant chairman of the board, Huang Yuqing, director of overseas development Department, accompanied the visit to understand the company's development process and scale in detail. After the visit, the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on mutual benefit, business cooperation, cultural communication and other fields in the spirit of the National Strategy of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Ms. Wang Jiaying, chairman of China United Airlines Travel Service co., LTD., warmly welcomed her. From economic globalization and in-depth cooperation between countries to making culture and tourism a strategic guide to drive the development of world-class industrial chains, the two sides reached a number of consensus on the vision of cooperation space and specific measures, laying a solid foundation for the next extensive cooperation and project implementation.
Since the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Sri Lanka on February 7, 1957, the governments and peoples of China and Sri Lanka have maintained friendly relations with a high frequency and leaders of the two countries have exchanged visits and interactions constantly. Thanks to the active efforts of government departments of both countries, China-Sri Lanka relations have been making rapid progress and bilateral exchanges and cooperation in culture, education, tourism, aviation and other areas have been expanding. It also coincides with the 64th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Sri Lanka, and the bilateral talks are of greater significance. With the high-end international vision and window of China United Air Travel service and its annual audience of nearly 450 million customers, it will contribute to the strategic depth of Sri Lanka's investment environment, promote more foreign capital injection and in-depth cooperation and development between countries. The big development of relevant industry such as culture, tourism, industry, agriculture, economy and trade helps special. At the same time, let more people know Sri Lanka, open the Chinese market, enhance the national brand value, influence the decision-making group, influence the wealth group, influence the fashion group, far-reaching significance.

Ambassador Parita Kohona attaches great importance to and has deep trust in China United Airlines Travel service. He believes that China United Airlines Travel service, as a travel media company, has been determined to bring Traditional Chinese culture to the world and has made extraordinary achievements, which is worthy of trust and expectation. Ambassador Parita Kohona has a strong interest in Chinese culture. She visited the chess studio and witnessed the painting process of the famous art educator Li Yansheng. The profound and extensive artistic background and the unique artistic style of li Yansheng impressed the ambassador greatly.
During the talks, Ms. Wang Jiaying, Chairman of China United Airlines Travel Service, had an in-depth exchange with Ambassador Parita Kohona on the topics of cultural inheritance, international development and cultural innovation of China and Sri Lanka. The group respectively in the publicity, marketing, innovation achievements several aspects of in-depth and detailed introduction and exchange. Ambassador Parita Kohona thanked the China United Aviation Brigade team for their warm reception, highly appreciated the achievements made by the China United Aviation Brigade in the process of innovation and development, and was full of hope for future cooperation.

Ambassador Parita Kohona believes that online and offline matrix marketing, ticket exchange and other cooperation methods have great commercial potential and are of great value in promoting Sri Lanka's export and publicity. Through the platform of China United Airlines Travel service, we will develop and launch products more suitable for the Chinese market, publicize and promote urban tourism resources, improve cooperation efficiency, and seek high-quality development. We hope to get strong support from China United Airlines Travel Service. He was shocked by the huge amount of media resources China United Airlines holds in Beijing Capital International Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport.

微信图片_20220118102420.jpgMr. Parita Kohona sincerely hopes that in the golden period of friendly relations between China and Sri Lanka, sino-Sri Lanka cultural tourism will deepen cooperation and expand the market. She looks forward to closer cooperation with China United Aviation Tourism to realize cultural sharing, cultural co-creation and economic co-prosperity. At the same time, the fruitful achievements of the Belt and Road Initiative between the two countries have made Mr. Parita Kohona more optimistic about the opportunities in China. By China building in southern Sri Lanka highway extension all fronts, the sri lankan capital Colombo, the higher the famous tourist city and hambantota, matrah connect highway in four major cities, such as in the past will take seven hours of distance shortened to two and a half hours, facilitate people's life, the more way for the development of tourism highway.

微信图片_20220118102423.jpgMs Wang Jiaying thank Mr Palmer, lita palitha kohona, recognition and affirmation of group, she said, the united brigade as the international platform, through high-end channels to spread, hope that through 3 airport media, build cultural exchange platform, let more people to know the products of Sri Lanka and tourism resources, realize win-win situation of cultural, economic two dimensions. Ms. Wang jiaying believes that Sri Lanka is a very beautiful country and its cultural characteristics left a deep impression on her. She is full of confidence in the future of the project. China is the world's largest tourism market. Through years of hard work, China United Airlines Travel has gained a solid market foundation and user reputation. At present, there are a lot of cooperation in urban scenic spots at home and abroad, which can build a solid bridge for the communication between the people of China and Sri Lanka and the economic development. China United Airlines travel service should firmly promote the established strategy, accelerate the pace of technological upgrading and media development, and sincerely hope that the cooperation plan will be successful.

微信图片_20220118102427.jpgAmbassador Parita Kohona expressed her greatest concern over how to continuously explore new ways and areas of cooperation in the "post-COVID-19 era", recognizing that the millennia-long history of friendly exchanges between the two countries holds infinite possibilities for expanding bilateral cooperation. Ambassador Parita Kohona hoped that with the support of China United Air Travel Service, the cultural and tourism cooperation and exchanges between China and Sri Lanka would be further promoted and the two sides would complement each other's advantages and achieve win-win development.
After the meeting, Ms. Wang Jiaying invited Ambassador Parita Kohona and his delegation to have lunch. Mr. Li Yansheng presented the painting as a gift. Ambassador Parita Kohona was very satisfied with the visit and said together with Ms. Wang That the visit laid a solid foundation for cultural and tourism exchanges between China and Sri Lanka. More Sri Lanka tourism resources and products of the global brand extension to create good and powerful conditions.