Yellow flower brook

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Huanghuaxi is located in Taihe Mountain Scenic Area, qingzhou City, Shandong Province. It is called "Jiuzhaigou of the North" by many tourists for its beautiful scenery. From qingzhou city miaozi town shengyukou village southwest line 2 kilometers, taihe Mountain scenic area, through the Taihe tunnel, to the Yellow River. To enter Huanghuaxi, one must pass through a small mountain village. Though it was a mountain village, there was hardly anyone to see. But when we see in the village at the head of a neat and thick green vegetable garden, clear sense of the mountain people unique plain, hardworking and kind. At the same time, we were attracted by the large hawthorn trees at the head of the village, which were at their peak of foliage and flowers, dense but straight. Huanghuanxi mountain stream often shows the beautiful scenery of gurgling spring, gurgling water, and the joy of shrimp and crabs. You can't help but stop. There is a childlike expert in the peer team, every time lifted the gravel in the water to capture hidden in the fish and shrimp, lovely shape let a person can not help laughing.

When the rainy season arrives, the mountain stream is fast-flowing, ankle-deep and knee-deep, and then it is impassable when it drops rapidly. Along the way, the valley trail has a slow and urgent, mountain open. In the steep place, as if a towering cloud between the "heaven gate" suddenly in front of the disconnect, castle peak separated on both sides, the fracture of the surface and the ground nearly vertical. Wandering under the cliffs, we can only be deeply impressed by the charm of the nature. On the cliff, or such as Buddha's face, or such as cow's head, or such as portrait, in all shapes and forms, lifelike. If the majestic and strong cliffs let people shock, the sparse but abundant ancient pine Qiu zhi, like hanging upside down in the mountain, deeply rooted in the cliff "spider man", and the trunk is stubbornly standing in the sun, yellow and green blend, set each other off as an interest, this scene is like a dream. The road to huanghuaxi is also a journey out of the mountain. In more than two hours, the beautiful picture made up of simple mountain scenery, beautiful streams and native natural scenery stretches all the way, picturesque middle stream, such as beauty, such as poetry, greatly meet the yearning of noisy urbanites.