Adama Compaore, Ambassador of Burkina Faso to China, visited the Beijing headquarters of China United Airlines

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On July 27, 2021, Adama Compaore, Ambassador of Burkina Faso to China, and his delegation visited the Headquarters of China United Airlines In Beijing. Wang Jiying, General Manager of China United Airlines, Guo Quantong, Assistant general Manager, and Huang Yuqing, Deputy General Manager of China United Airlines In Beijing accompanied them to visit and learn about the development history and scale of the company in detail.
After the visit, the two sides had cordial talks and in-depth exchanges. Ms. Wang Jiaying, general Manager of China United Airlines Travel service, on behalf of the company, first extended a warm welcome to Mr. Adama Compaore for his visit. Afterwards, General Manager Assistant Guo Quantong introduced the company's business segments, successful cases and innovative development ideas in detail to Mr. Ambassador. Both sides elaborated and communicated on the approved projects in detail, laying a foundation for the next extensive cooperation and project implementation.

Burkina faso for west African civilizations, restored the past three years, the relationship of sustained and rapid development, the bilateral pragmatic cooperation column frame beam, high-value, and in health, education, economy and trade, agriculture, infrastructure and other fields has achieved fruitful results and set up mature communication mechanism, diversity, rich layers, open structure in the field of basic determine the cooperation pattern, The Chinese and Burkina Faso people are brothers, trust and learn from each other, work together to overcome difficulties and seek common development.

Ms. Wang jiaying believes that cultural and tourism cooperation is a new growth point for the development of China and Burkina Faso. By united brigade in the high-end international vision and window, nearly 500 million years of audience, to increase brand awareness, burkina faso nations make culture and tourism to drive leading world-class industry chain development strategy, promote the more foreign capital injection, strengthen the development of the depth of the cooperation between countries, help burkina faso culture, tourism, trade and economic development of relevant industries. At the same time, it is of far-reaching significance to let the world know about Burkina Faso, open up The Chinese and international markets, and influence the decision-making group, the wealth group and the fashion group.

In burkina faso's ambassador to thank united brigade team's warm reception, to the united brigades of publicity and marketing, innovative ideas with an interest in, he introduced west African hinterland landlocked burkina faso folkway, is an ancient civilized country, archaeological sites within the territory of China and the original ecological natural wildlife park is an excellent cultural tourism resources, burkina faso, more than 60 tribes, Its ancient and mysterious traditional customs and vigorous and unrestrained local style songs and dances have great appeal. I hope to show the charm of Brunian on the world stage with the help of the platform of China United Airlines Travel. Burkina Faso believes that China and African countries are a "community with a shared future". It is hoped that the two sides can continue to deepen exchanges, strengthen understanding, open cooperation in various fields, build a bridge of friendship, and provide the best marketing and promotion programs for Burkina Faso's culture, tourism, investment and other aspects, so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Mr. Ambassador has a strong interest in Traditional Chinese culture. After the meeting, he visited the chess studio and witnessed the painting process of the famous art educator Zhao Junzhen. The ambassador was greatly impressed by his brilliant and original painting skills, and Mr. Zhao Junzhen presented the painting as a gift.

The burkina faso's ambassador Ada company, Mr Compaore, a visit to the united brigades have a comprehensive understanding and intuitive, for the company's achievements gave full affirmation and high praise, the company through the ambassador's visit with cloth governments also deepened the understanding, believe that will be the catalyst and the cornerstone of multidisciplinary cooperation, let the flower fragrance the ear of friendship, Promote common development and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

At present, China United Airlines Travel Service has established partnership with the Embassy of Sri Lanka, Uganda, South Sudan, Cyprus and Beijing Commonwealth Association to jointly build an international cultural, tourism, economic and trade exchange platform to promote the development of the Belt and Road.

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