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-- World Natural Heritage

-- World Cultural Heritage

-- World Geopark

Huangshan, the ancient said black mountain, legend xuanchui Yellow Emperor once in this gathering zhi Alchemy, bath tang spring and ascended to heaven, Tang Ming Huang accordingly in Tianbao six years (747) under the edicededhuangshan instead, namely, "yellow Emperor of the mountain ".

Huangshan, a magical and beautiful mountain in southern Anhui province, is a national 5A-level scenic spot integrating world culture, natural heritage and world Geoparks. It covers an area of 1200 square kilometers and covers an area of 166 square kilometers. It is famous for its "five wonders" : strange pines, strange rocks, sea of clouds, hot springs and winter snow. In addition, the wonders such as sunrise, sunset glow, Buddha's light, and fog pines are all of their unique charm." All seasons are beautiful in Huangshan ". Summer Huangshan stream contending, myriad weather; In autumn, The sky is high and the trees are all dyed. Winter huangshan Yushu qiongzhi, glass world.

Ming Dynasty great traveler Xu Xiake twice visited Huangshan, praised: "Thin huangshan at home and abroad, such as the emblem of the world, huangshan without a mountain, the splendor!"

Huangshan, widely acclaimed at the height of Chinese literature and art (" landscape "style in the mid-16th century), is known as" the first extraordinary mountain in the Sinian kingdom ". Today, Huangshan is known for its magnificent scene-strange pines growing on granite peaks and grotesque rocks emerging from a sea of clouds. Huangshan has an eternal fascination for tourists and artists who come to this scenic spot from far and wide.